Monday, September 30, 2013

Py Rankings Week 14

Calgary finally jumps into first place - sort of.  Four straight losses aren't quite enough to knock Saskatchewan from the top of the heap, but they do fall into a tie for first with Calgary.  After spending most of the season as the highest scoring and strongest defense, the Riders drop into a tie for second for the scoring lead, while remaining the top scoring defense.

A strong showing by the Argos wasn't enough to get them any math love, as a dominant BC win bumps them up to 3rd place.

Edmonton continues to underperform, the math gods still don't like Montreal, and then there's Winnipeg.

Luckiest Team: Tie - Calgary and Toronto (+1.5 wins)
Unluckiest Team: Edmonton (-2.6 wins)

Biggest Jump: BC (+1.0 projected wins)
Biggest Drop: Hamilton (-0.7 projected wins)

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