Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Py Win Rankings Week 16

Nothing to see here folks, no change at all.

Calgary stays on top, Winnipeg on the bottom.  Even the projections for the top 2 teams (which to be clear, aren't a prediction for how many wins I expect a team to finish with, they are just the result of the pythagorean formula taken over 18 games).

One thing to note here, barring some kind of miraculous turnaround, Edmonton is closing in on one of the unluckiest seasons in the past 20+ years.  Their current total of -3.0 wins vs expectation would finish in a tie for second place with Hamilton in 2008, only behind Winnipeg's -4.5 in 2010.   Eskimo fans take heart - each of those teams followed up their historically unlucky seasons with big turnarounds the next year - 9 wins and a home playoff game for the Tiger-Cats, and 10 wins and a Grey Cup appearances for the Bombers.

Luckiest Team: Calgary (+1.7 wins)
Unluckiest Team: Edmonton (-3 wins)

Biggest Jump: Winnipeg (+0.5 projected wins)
Biggest Drop: BC (-0.5 projected wins)

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