Monday, October 21, 2013

Py Win Rankings - Week 17

2 weeks left in the season (playoff time, for the fantasy football fans).

A bit of shuffling in the ranks this week, as 4 teams switch places.  Toronto and Montreal move up, BC and Hamilton move down.  My broken record repeats as Edmonton continues to be historically unlucky.

Luckiest Team: Calgary (+1.9 wins)
Unluckiest Team: Edmonton (-3.1 wins)

Biggest Jump: Montreal (+0.8 projected wins)
Biggest Drop: Hamilton (-0.7 projected wins)

 * In hindsight, my decision to call column 10 "Projected" was a poor one.  It was never a true projection, it's merely the teams' Py winning percentage extrapolated over 18 games.  It looks quite silly now that Calgary has more real wins than "projected" wins.  I'll find a better name next year, or better yet, work on a proper projection.

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