Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 24th Update has been updated with a few minor enhancements:

1) Player and team pages now include "pass targets" (times a player made a catch or was targeted with a pass).  This data was always tracked, but for some reason not available on any pages.

2) Added a list of recent games to the front page for quicker access.

In addition, I've greatly improved the way that game day rosters are handled.  Going forward, the official game day roster will be used to determine which players were actually in the game, so the per game stats and player game logs should be much more accurate.  (Previously I used the transaction list to try and guess which players were available, but the transaction list is incomplete and results in some players appearing to still be on a team, when in fact they were inactive or even no longer on the roster.)  It will take some time to implement this into the games in the archive, but it will be done eventually.

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